'I'm going to make him a clown offer he can't refuse.'
The classes I lead are workshops:
A workshop is a practical training experience withe guidance of a professional. There is a lot of teacher-student interaction. You may be given the opportunity to work together with others and present in front of the rest of the group.
In order to keep to my satisfaction guarantee, I only run the workshops I'm sure I do properly.

Street clown performance workshop in Lublin, Poland

Ray's clown workshop.
I like a lot this workshop and I enjoy running it. I worked hard for two years to design and test it. It works very well and the feedback is always very positive.

Clown workshop in Varsaw, Poland.

This is a very intense workshop and we won't waste any minute. In 12 hours, I can teach you the basic theory and techniques of clown theatre (that you can find on the section Classroom) playing games. I mix theory with games. There are around 60 games and we will play a lot with the red noses (our clowns).

There is 4 sessions and each session has 3 parts:
  1. Warm up.
  2. Clown techniques exercises.
  3. Clown improvisation.
All games will prepare the participants for the next part in the way that they will learn eastly and feel like a warm family. One of my objectives is that you feel good. Don't be afraid because you will not feel stupid.

This workshop isn't only suitable for beginners. It's also interesting for actors and clowns with experience. If you study acting or you learn clown by yourself this workshop is perfect for you.

Invensive clown workshop in Beograd, Serbia.

  • To assimilate all clown philosophies by playing games.
  • To improvise.
  • To feel confortable and confident with yourself.

Techniques to learn:
  • Rituals to feel the clown state:
    • Putting on the red nose.
    • A sequence to put on the red nose.
  • Pointing with the red nose.
  • Personal walking style.
  • The clown sight (opening the eyes and ears).
  • Asking for permission to enter.
  • Focusing.
  • Stage presence.
  • Transmit with the eyes.
  • Emotions.
  • Love state
  • Voice (clown 'bad' words and language 'Esperantini').

Clown workshop in Carbourne Parva, England (United Kingdom).

  • Required experience: No.
  • Length: 16 hours indoor + 2 hours street intervention.
  • Participants: Between 7 and 24.
  • Aimed at: +15 with or without clown experience.
  • Language: English, French, Spanish or Italian (no translators).

It's usually done on weekends. The more participants the better, because it will be funnier and we will learn not only with our mistakes, but also with the other participants' mistakes.

I can adapt the workshops to circumstances that aren’t considered here. Contact me, explain me your needs and I will see what I can do.

Clown workshop in Tirana School of Theatre, Albania.

Developing of clown games for Hospital Clowns.
Hospital clowns can play a story, make a show (juggling, magic...), play music... and also play creative games with the patients. We are going to play games for improvising with the patient, his family and visitors. Then, the patients could play these games, even if the clown is not in the room.

Parts of the workshop:
  1. Learn the Ray's games.
  2. Brainstorm 'How should be a clown game in your hospital room'.
  3. Takes ideas from nothing, develop it, create a game and test it.
  • Required experience: Yes, hospital clown.
  • Length: 3-6 hours.
  • Participants: From 6 to 40.
  • Language: English, French, Spanish or Italian (translators are welcome).

Workshop in Split, Croatia.

Introduction to clowning for children.
The method to teach children is different than the one to teach adults. They don't need to recovery the natural human within us.

The objective of this workshop is to teach them human values through games and to try they grow up without the useless fears that society instils in us. They will learn the clown techniques.

Clown workshop for kids in Bratislava, Slovakia (© Cirkus-Kus).

  • Required experience: Kids are the most experienced clowns. :o)
  • Length: 90' or 120' minutes each session. At least 2 sessions.
  • Participants: Between 10 and 16 little clowns and at least one adult responsible of the group..
  • Aimed at: 7-12 years old.
  • Language: English, French or Spanish (translators are welcome).

This workshop is for kids really interested in clown. Not just because their parents want. Ask to your children for taking decisions about their life!

Do you manage a group of children? Are you working in a circus school? Are you preparing activities for for chidren? Let's clown!

Workshop for kids in Pryluky, Ukraine.

Short sessions for children.
The objective of this workshop is to teach them human values through games and to try they grow up without the useless fears that society instills in us. They will play games to work with the five emotions and funny psychomotor games to get used to work with both sides of the brain at the same time.

Workshops for kids in Podgoriça, Montenegro.

  • Required experience: Kids are the most experienced clowns. :o)
  • Length: 30 minutes maximum each session.
  • Participants: Between 10 and 16 little clowns and at least one adult responsible of the group.
  • Aimed at: 7-12 years old.
  • Language: English, French or Spanish (translators are welcome).

If you belong to a circus association, I can visit you and run one or several clown workshops for kids (and other circus skills as well).

Workshops for kids in Pryluky, Ukraine.

Introduction to clowning for a huge group.
I am use to run workshops for big groups (50 to 100 participants). There aren't too many teachers that run workshops for an unlimited number of participants. I defined games in which all participants can play at the same time. This way, nobody get bored.

This workshop works very well on festivals, conventions and big events. Every participants will arrive at home with a positive and very happy spirit. Much better than a merchandising present!

Clown workshop in Lublin, Poland.

Cohesion workshop for big companies.
Cohesion and funny games for workers in big companies. One business day. 6 hours

It is really awesome to participate in a very huge collective hug!

Clown workshop in Almere, The Netherlands.

Conference + Short clown workshop.
I also hold conferences about nomad life, philosophies of life and advises to improve our life.

We can organise a conference joined with a therapeutic clown workshop.

Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

It must be open for all kinds of people, not just for the members of your association. So, do a nice promotion please.

  • Length: 1,5 - 3 hours.
  • Participants: No limit.
  • Aimed at: Who wants to come.
  • Language: English, French or Spanish.
  • Stuff: Chairs in a circle and a projector.

I will answer all your questions. Keep in mind I can answer 'I don't know the answer' or 'Interesting question... but I don't want to answer this question'. :o)

Conference in Split, Croatia.

Advises for your show.
I'm used to see my friends' shows (or any others') and give them my advices. You can show me yours and I will give you my advices.

Just look for a good moment to arrange this meeting. If I run a two-day workshop in your town, probably the best moment will be after the first session day.

Ray's show at the Gala Show of the Czech Circus Convention in Prague, Czechia.

Clown dancing.
I'm working to define this specific workshop to teach rhythm and clown dancing. It's super funny! We will play a lot of games to move all the parts of our bodies, to improve the rhythm and do dance a lot. The emotions will be present all the time.

We don't care how we dance when we are alone because nobody is watching us. We can do what we want and without feeling stupid. If you do... you understand now, how powerful is the social pressure, such is the case that you feel bad with yourself even being alone? This is the point of this workshop. We will break the rules and we will dance, however we like!

  • Required experience: Participants must have done the 'Introduction to clowning' workshop with me or have clown experience.
  • Length: Not defined yet.
  • Participants: Between 10 and 30 clowns.
  • Aimed at: Adults and teenagers.
  • Language: English, French or Spanish (no translators).
  • Stuff: Sound system, computer and video projector.

Clown workshop in Brianza, Italy.

General requirements.
The space we need must be a non-smoking place where we can stay in private, big enough for all the participants to be able to walk inside.

The maximum time for a session is 4 hours with a break. If we have two sessions in one day, I want to have a break of at least 90 minutes in the middle. The intensive workshop is really exhausting for me because I have to lead the workshop, speak a lot, watch all the students at the same time, open my eyes and ears to know what they are doing well and wrong, know what they are thinking, analyse their facial expression and body positions, ... I love it!

If someone can’t speak the language I'm using, I can’t accept that someone translates all my words in the intensive workshops because it could be really boring. This person should have to stay close to a friend who will translate it to him. I don't have any inconvenience about the sign language, because the translation is simultaneous. If most of the people don't understand, we must work together to translate all that I want to say and print it. Then I will let you know which part you should read in each moment and you will translate me during the improvisation sessions.

Spectators or video recordings aren't allowed. I want the participants to feel comfortable and safe. Pictures are welcome.

Introduction to clowning workshop in Targu Mures, Romania.